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Friday, 23 June 2017

S4L Radio: Show #3 - And Your Name Is....?

It was including the song Jolé Blon by Gary U.S. Bonds in the last Playlist that I got the idea to do a show spotlighting names and so I've brought together 21 songs from various years scattered through Rock and Roll history and many different musical genres.

There seems to be more songs written about Girls than Boys so I have purposely included more songs that feature Boys names. Hopefully that will not raise the ire of those wishing equality! 😉 

There are links below to further musical delights for your enjoyment.

On The Playlist Today is...
Rex Bob Lowenstein - Mark Germino and The Sluggers
I've always loved this little tale about a DJ. Disc Jockey Roger Scott when he was working for the BBC prior to his death used to play this song quite a bit on his Sunday night show.

 Harry May - The Business
"What's his name?..." - A few years back I saw The Business supporting Good Charlotte in Glasgow and was among the few in the audience that night who could sing-a-long with every song by the band much to the amusement of the many youngesters present!

Gloria - Them
"And Her Name is...G.L.O.R.I.A." it has to be one of the most famous songs to feature the name of a girl. It has been covered by so many down through the years but the original is still the best. The cover by the way above is the 1965 French EP release and not the original 1964 Decca Release.

Joey's On The Street Again - The Boomtown Rats
Love 'em or hate 'em there can be no denying that The Boomtown Rats and Mr Geldof did actually write some quality songs. This one from their brilliant Debut Album on Ensign from 1977 I think is one of their finest they ever recorded.

Eloise - The Damned
Always a band who chose their cover versions wisely. Released inbetween their huge hit album Phantasmagoria (1985) and their not as successful Anything (1986) albums this Single became the best selling and highest chart placing of their long and distinguished career as it peaked at #3.

Suzy Is A Headbanger - Ramones
The Picture Sleeve above is for the Japanese Single release but most of us know it as a track on the Leave Home album or from the excellent New Wave Compilation that came out in 1977 on Vertigo Records.

 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) - Bruce Springsteen
I have included the live version recorded at Foxboro in September 2016 at the close of The River Tour.
It was of course not a hit for Springsteen and was only released as a single in Germany. The Hollies had a minor hit with it (#85 US, #12 New Zealand and #9 Netherlands).

A Tribute To The Heroes Of Rock and Roll
Just Like Eddie - Heinz
His tribute to Eddie Cochran released in 1963 and his second solo release after leaving The Tornados (who had a huge #1 hit with Telstar in 1962 on both sides of the Atlantic). It was his one and only solo hit reaching #5 in the UK.

Sweet Gene Vincent - Ian Dury and The Blockheads
Prior to his first chart success with What A Waste (1978) came this glorious slice of 7" black vinyl in 1977.
"Sweet Gene Vincent
Let the blue roll tonight
At the sock hop ball in the union hall
Where the bop is their delight"

Elvis Presley Blues - Gillian Welch
I have included a live version that was recorded for the BBC Four Sessions programme.
The original song appeared on her third album Time (The Revelator) released in 2001on the Acony Label.

Bo Diddley - Buddy Holly
First released by Bo Diddley himself in April 1955 and the Buddy Holly version was released posthumously in 1963 and taken from the album Reminiscing. It reached #4 in the UK Chart showing that four years after his untimely death that he was still much loved.

Roxette - Dr. Feelgood
Debut Single from the Canvey Island crew released in 1974 on United Artists. The band would not enjoy Single Chart success until three years later when Sneakin' Suspicion stumbled into the charts at #47!

Alison - Elvis Costello
The second Single release from Elvis Costello and one of his finest songs. It didn't chart for him though Linda Ronstadt had a minor hit with it in 1979 when it reached #30 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart in the USA and #68 in the UK.

Sally Maclennane - The Pogues
The second Single taken from their second Studio Album Rum, Sodomy & The Lash. It only made it to #51 in the UK Charts. Sally Maclennane is not actually a girl but a particular brand of Irish Stout!

Richard - Billy Bragg
From his excellent Debut EP/Album Life's A Riot With Spy Vs Spy. Jayne and Neil also get a name check in the song!

Terry - Kirsty MacColl
It's hard to imagine that this Single only reached #82 in the charts and was only her second charting Single ever (the first being two years earlier in 1981 - her third Single release There's a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis).

Simon Templer - Splodgenessabounds
The single reached #7 in the charts but largely due to the B-Side Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please.

Whole Lotta Rosie - AC/DC
I had a bit of a soft spot for AC/DC back when I was younger and whilst I went off them for a long time this song reminds me of just how good they were. I heard Alter Bridge cover this when I saw them live a couple of times and whilst it was pretty amazing you can't beat the original!

Gudbuy T'Jane - Slade
As my buddy Leighton says, "You can never have enough Slade" and so here's their massive #2 UK hit Single. Teachers everywhere are still in a state of despair about Slade's poor spelling! 

Johnny 99 (Bruce Springsteen Cover) - The Loved Ones
From the 2009 Distractions EP released on Fat Wreck Records.
Dave Hause giving a punky tinge to Springsteen's Nebraska classic.

The Parting Shot
 Edie (Ciao Baby) - The Cult
Inspired by the movie Ciao Manhattan! and in particular actress Edie Sedgewick who was part of Warhol's crowd in New York City. The Single was taken from the Album Sonic Temple in 1989.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

A Big Bad Beautiful Noise - The Godfathers (2017)

A Big Bad Beautiful Noise - The Godfathers
Metropolis/Cargo Records
Produced by Steve Crittall, Paul Robert Gray and The Godfathers
Released February 2017

Singles On A Big Bad Beautiful World
 A-Side: Rewind Time*

Released in June 2015
*Not included on the album

B-Side: Some Reaction

Released February 2017
7" Limited Edition Red Vinyl

A-Side: A Big Bad Beautiful Noise / You're So Slow
B-Side: Defibrillator (High Voltage Mix) / Human Zoo

Released as a Limited Editon 10" EP
June 2017


It's been four years since the last album Jukebox Fury and The Godfathers have already had a busy 2017 with the release of a single, an EP and a brand new spanking album entitled A Big Bad Beautiful Noise!

As seems to be the norm with The Godfathers  there have been changes in personnel as Chris Coyne left the band in 2016 ( other changes were made in 2014 and now the band only have one original member remaining in Peter Coyne) but that doesn't seem to have dampened their enthusiasm for playing big and loud rock and roll music.

The latest album sees them continuing in a similar vain to their previous albums giving us 11 slices of uncompromising rock and roll in their own characteristic style.

The Godfathers were always one of those bands that I thought deserved a wider hearing and greater success but maybe it is to their credit that they never became too huge as it's kept their feet firmly planted on the ground and they carry on delivering in live shows, no matter how small the stage (see below) and also on record.

The Godfathers - Live
9th February 2017

Cause I Said So.
If I Only Had Time.
You Don't Love Me.
One Good Reason.
How Low Is Low?
I Want You.
Till My Heart Stops Beating.
Unreal World.
Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues.
Some Reaction.
A Big Bad Beautiful Noise.
This Is Your Life.
When Am I Coming Down?
I'm Unsatisfied.
Love Is Dead.
She Gives Me Love.
I Want Everything.
Let's Get Higher.
This Damn Nation.
Birth, School, Work, Death.

40 Years of Punk & New Wave 1977: Pure Mania - The Vibrators

 Pure Mania - The Vibrators
Produced by Robin Mayhew and The Vibrators
Released June 1977
UK Chart #49

Side 1
Side 2

    Knox - guitar, keyboards, vocals
    John Ellis - guitar, vocals
    Pat Collier - bass, vocals
    John "Eddie" Edwards - drums

Single On Pure Mania



 Released 20th May 1977
Did Not Chart

Live versions of two songs from the album were also released as a Single.



Released 26th August 1977
Did Not Chart

The girl who features on the Picture Sleeve was actually Knox's girlfriend at the time Carol Semaine.

Other Tracks Previously Released but Re-Recorded For Pure Mania

 Whips and Furs
RAK Records
B-Side to We Vibrate
Released 19th November 1976
Produced by Mickie Most

BBC Sessions
Included Dance To The Music (Whips and Furs) and Sweet Sweet Heart.

John Peel Session 22nd June 1977.
Included Petrol, Keep It Clean, Baby Baby, London Girls, and She's Bringing You Down.

Live in 1977

Live at The Marquee.
This recording was not actually released until 1992 on Released Emotion Records as a Limited Edition. The London Girls Single was taken from this particular show.
Strangely enough the album does not have an actual title track, though on their second album V2 they did open that record with a song called Pure Mania!

I never really understood people who accused The Vibrators of being "bandwagon jumpers" because the band formed in February 1976, a couple of months before even The Clash took up arms! Maybe people didn't like the fact that Knox was in his thirties and the whole Punk/New Wave scene was meant to be "for and by the Kids" - that's actually a total nonsense I think.

Within a month of forming they had their debut show at the Hornsey College of Art supporting The Stranglers (another bunch of "old" guys who also found a place in the heart of the Punk/New Wave scene) and of course they would be a part of the legendary 100 Club Punk Festival in September 1976.

Their performance at the 100 Club did raise a few eyebrows when Chris Spedding joined them on stage but it was a good thing for the band because Spedding recommended them to RAK Records (the label he was signed to) and within a couple of months the band had released their debut single We Vibrate / Whips and Furs (on the same day it was released, 19th November 1976, Chris Spedding and The Vibrators also released Pogo Dancing / The Pose).

1977 was a busy year for the band as they not only released their debut album Pure Mania but were out on the road in the UK, Europe and North America playing around 116 shows in total. Some of these dates were in support of Iggy Pop, and Ian Hunter besides headlining shows of their own.

What of the album you say? Well from track one to the end of track fifteen there's no let up. It's fast, it's furious, totally in your face rock and roll.

My favourite tracks on the album are: Into The Future, Baby Baby, Petrol, London Girls, You Broke My Heart, Whips and Furs, and Wrecked On You.

The only single to be released from the album (if you discount the live version of London Girls) Baby, Baby is a classic I think and stands out as probably one of their best songs ever (which is saying something when you consider that the band are still on the go today and still writing new material). It's amazing to think that it never got to the charts at all as it is a great poppy punk record on a par with the likes of what Generation X, The Jam and The Stranglers were releasing (they only ever had one charting single and that was Automatic Lover released in March 1978 and that only reached #35 but did get them a spot on Top of The Pops!).

The album was released all over Europe, Asia, America and Canada in 1977 and since its release it has been reissued a number of times on both Vinyl and CD.

The album is well regarded by some music critics and, 17 years after its release The Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music named Pure Mania one of the 50 Best Punk Albums of All Time.

Just incase you were not aware (where have you been hiding?) the song Stiff Little Fingers that appeared on the album was the inspiration for a certain band from Belfast to adopt it as their name.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Rewind: Love Man - Otis Redding (1969)

 Love Man - Otis Redding
Produced by Steve Cropper
Released 20th June 1969
US Chart #46
US R&B Chart #8

Side 1

Side 2
Otis Redding - Lead Vocal
    Andrew Jackson and Joe Arnold - tenor saxophone
    Wayne Jackson - trumpet
    Steve Cropper - guitar, producer
    Booker T. Jones and Isaac Hayes - organ, Piano
    Donald "Duck" Dunn - bass
    Al Jackson, Jr. - drums

Singles Released From Love Man
B-Side: You Made A Man Out Of Me (from The Immortal Otis Redding Album)
Released February 1969
US Chart #48

A-Side: Love Man
B-Side: Can't Turn You Loose (Live in Europe Album)
Released May 1969
US Chart #72
UK Chart #43*

*B-Side in the UK was That's How Strong My Love Is

A-Side: Free Me
Released July 1969
US Chart #103

Released November 1969
Did Not Chart

The Track Direct Me had been released previously as the B-Side to the November 1968 Single Papa' Got A Brand New Bag (Live).


Love Man was the third in a series of Posthumous Studio Albums that were released in the name of Otis Redding. The others in this series were:

 Tell The Truth (1970) 

  It's Not Just Sentimental (1992) - In the USA it was called Remember Me (as it was in some other countries throughout Europe).

All the songs on the Love Man Album were recorded in 1967 and feature Booker T. and The M.G.'s as his backing band.

Now, I want to say that whilst I like the album (he really did have one of the finest backing bands on the planet) it is worth remembering that many of these songs were not released in their time because they were not necessarily up to the normal Otis standard. Some of the tracks were released as Singles (Posthumously)  but they were never meant to be Singles in the first place but the title track Love Man is really classic and does have the kind of quality of some of those brilliant Otis Redding 45's (These Arms of Mine, Pain In My Heart, Mr Pitiful, I've Been Loving You Too Long, Respect, I Can't Turn You Loose, (I Can't Get No) SatisfactionFa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song), Try A Little Tenderness and The Glory of Love).

Of the other Posthumous Singles only Sitting On The Dock of The Bay (1968), Hard To Handle (1968), and I've Got Dreams To Remember (1968) really live up to the expectations of Redding's presence when he was alive (but hey that's my opinion, others might think differently).

On the album itself the cover of (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher is most excellent indeed and sounds like it would have fitted in quite well with what Redding was doing in 1967 but as it had only recently been a huge hit for Jackie Wilson in the same year and it was still quite close to the original version and maybe that gave them hesitation in releasing it as a Single (whereas Satisfaction, Shake and Day Tripper had been radically reworked before being released as Singles) . I'll Let Nothing Seperate Us is another classic wee ballad (written by Otis) in the vain of I've Been Loving You Too Long. A Lover's Question, which had been a hit for Clyde McPhatter in 1958 got that nice cover treatment that Otis and the band were able to bring to so many other great songs that they interpreted over time.

Five of the songs are penned by Redding himself, three are co-writes with Steve Cropper (though the opening track I'm A Changed Man is a co-write with Redding/Cropper and Louiella Cullipher), Free Me is a Redding and Gene Lawson co-write and then there are the three cover versions.

Reviews for the album were quite mixed as is understandable when you are trying to make sense of a record that has been put together from songs that didn't quite make the grade when they were first laid down in the studio and were spread over a number of different sessions. Ultimately it's not a bad album but neither is it up to the standard of some of his classic albums that were released between 1964 -1966.

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